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How to treat Acne Scarring

Acne scaringAcne is just a part of life for some of us. Or maybe it was all in the past, but you still have to live each day with the constant reminders from your acne scars on your face or other parts of your body.  Sometimes the scars can be so severe that they actually start to disfigure the way your face looks.  What if there was something you could do to help reduce the appearance of those scars.  Would that change your life?  Would it change the way you feel each day?

Well, there is good news for you!  There are many options out there that really work.  Some require a dermatologist assistance, but don’t feel like that is the only option for you.  Thousands of people have had fabulous results with over the counter products that you can use at your own home.

If your scars are light, you could start with a cream that lightens the dark areas in your skin.  This can actually fade out any darkness from the scars to make them less noticeable.

If your scars are a little more severe than just a darker skin tone, there are options for you too.  Working with your dermatologist, they can talk with you about laser treatments and filler injections for your scarring. This is probably the most costly option, of of course, is not pain free. This would also be an ongoing process and is not a permanent option.

One option I love for reducing the appearance of scarring is microdermabrasion!  This can also be done at your dermatologist office or you can check out this amazing at home microdermabrasion tool.  I personally love the option of having a tool at home so I can continue to use it, rather than continuing to schedule appointments with my dermatologist.

Another popular option is microneedling!  This another service that you can schedule with your dermatologist.  Microneedling actually breaks down old scar tissue and starts the process of new cell growth.  This has been proven to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance of the skin.  You can also buy the microneedling tool to use at home.  Many have had amazing results with this product: AMP MD Roller

I don’t know if you can tell, I am personally a HUGE fan of having the option to do these treatments at home.  This is just my personal preference!

Pick one or two of these options, and give them a try! You don’t have to live with those acne scars!  Don’t let them control your life.  Take back the control and show those acne scars who’s boss!

What are the benefits of exfoliation?

Sure, we have all heard about the importance of exfoliating our skin.  We know it helps, but why does it help?

Why exfoliate your skin?

Why exfoliate your skin?








Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars pay thousands of dollars to keep their skin looking great, and exfoliation is a big part of their routine.  Exfoliation should be step number 1!!  But why?

Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

Benefits of Exfoliation

• Detoxification of the skin
• Brightens the complexion
• Gets rid of dead, dull skin cells
• Reveals healthy, younger skin
• Reduces fine lines and sun damage
• Improves skin tone
• Kills bacteria and prevents breakouts
• Improves product penetration and treatment results

Exfoliate at Home
1. In the shower, soap body thoroughly, then rinse
2. Rub exfoliating scrub all over, then rinse
3. Towel dry
4. Apply your favorite body lotion

Now that we know why… here is the big question, HOW???  I don’t know about you, but paying thousands on a regular basis is not something that I am interested in, BUT I do want to have healthier, younger looking skin.

Great news, you can have your own Macro-exfoliator in your own home!  Using this great tool removes over 5,000 skin cells each time you use it.  I personally have one, and use it at least once a week.  It even has a “smart doc” mode that walks you through each step, and it only takes 5 minutes!

Macro Exfoliator

Give your skin care products a fighting chance and start exfoliating your skin today!